Friday, December 02, 2016

Presenting The Comic Stylings Of Drew Friedman

Great To welcome Drew Friedman back to talk about his new collection of portraits of Golden Age Comic Creators called More Heroes Of The Comics . Volume 2 digs deeper in the history of comic books with more obscure names and interesting faces that populated the comic book studios of the 40s and 50s. 

Drew shares many stories of these creators and his own comic book celeb encounters from Groucho Marx to working for Stan Lee . We talk about the evolution of his art from his stipple days to his current style. 

We also talk about a kickstarter project to make a documentary about Friedman's art and passion for forgotten pop culture . Check out the trailer , and go donate at or click on the image below 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Super Powers Revolution Aw Yeah From Art and Franco

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Today's episode is a combination of the Word Balloon Network's two podcasts. Featuring the co-hosts of the Aw Yeah Podcast Art Baltazar & Franco.

The guys have just released the first issue of SUPER POWERS from DC.  A continuation of their Tiny Titans Universe, but featuring a Justice League event of grand proportions. Lots Of Heroes Lots Of Bad guys, plus the shocking return to life of Superman's Kryptonian Parents Jor-El and Lara expecting a 2nd child! As Art secretively says, "Were doing things never done in a DC comic before."

The guys also talk about an IDW crossover event featuring all the Hasbro characters done in the Aw Yeah style REVOLUTION AW YEAH, featuring GI JOe Transformers ROM and more.

Then the interview devolves into our usual silly conversations and voices.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Charles Soule On Curse Words The Inhumans Daredevil Poe Dameron Death Of X Letter 44 and more

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Charles Soule is back to talk about his new Image Book Curse Words with Ryan Browne plus his Oni Press sci-fi story Letter 44.

You'll hear extensive coverage of his Marvel work including The Inhumans The Death Of X event and coming Inhumans Vs The X-Men war , and Daredevil

We also talk about his Star Wars work on the pre episode 7 adventures of Poe Dameron

Monday, November 14, 2016

Steve Orlando on Namesake Supergirl Midnighter Apollo & The JLA

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Steve Orlando joins us to talk about his new BOOM! Studios book Namesake a sci-fi adventure story about a Gay Fireman who travels to an alternate dimension to bury his fathers and discover the truth about his past,

We also get into Steve's work in the DC universe on Supergirl Midnighter & Apollo and his plans for January's Justice League Of America.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Adult Animation With Filmmaker Bill Plympton

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The legendary filmmaker and satirist joins me for a fun conversation to talk about some of his recent works including a new free mockumentary posted at his website "Hitler's Folly", which imagines the dictator never giving up his art and following a path of animation and amusement parks. As Plympton says he sees the similarities of conquering the world thru war and Hollywood's publicity machine.

We talk about the way Bill raises money for his animation thru crowdfunding, and collaborations with fellow animators like Jim Lujan, and talk about his many animated and live action films including his famous 25 Ways To Quit Smoking which was shown many times in the 90's on MTV.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Marvel Press Confr Monsters Unleashed w Cullen Bunn Axel Alonso and Mark Paniccia

Looking forward to this Marvel event. A 5 part 30 page per issue art festival featuring a Cullen Bunn story and issues by Adam Kubert, Greg Land, Salvador Larroca, Steve McNiven, and Leinil Yu.

Bunn EIC Axel Alonso and story editor Mark Paniccia take questions from the press about the event, and plot points about the story were revealed . One reporter ID'd the kid on the 3rd cover above as the same kid who debuted in Totally Awesome Hulk. It's a revealing press conference. 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Reilly Brown On Slapstick and Spy Spoof Dash Hudson Ryan Dunleavy On The ComiC Book History Of Comics

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Reily Brown talks about co-writing Slapstick for Marvel with Fred Van Lente and his own free web comic the Spy Spoof Dash Hudson at The Ghostek webssite

Ryan Dunleavy talks about the return of The Comic Book History of Comics from IDW and webcomics Polidiousy at Line Web Toons and Tiny Dick Adventures at Looking For Group

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Fire Of Brian Azzarello On Moonshine, Killing Joke Reactions, Dark Knight 3, and American Monster

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Azzarello provides the verbal fireworks in this lively conversation in front of a Cincy Comicon crowd.

You'll hear about his new Image series Moonshine with longtime collaborator Eduardo Risso , American Monster from Aftershock with Juan Doe, and of course lots of insight on Dark Knight 3 co-written with Frank Miller. But then the discussion heats up.

We go toe to toe on the audience reactions to his Killing Joke Animated adaptation, his Wonder Woman run , and other things about the current comic industry and reporters that bug him.

I'm happy to let him vent on me and for your listening pleasure ;)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Adam West Jason O'Mara Matt Ryan Jay Oliva & James Tucker Talk DC Animation

2 great press junkets from NYCC featuring discussions about Batman-Return Of The Caped Crusaders and Justice League Dark featuring Batman and a bunch of DC Supernatural Heroes.

First from Justice League Dark Stars Jason O'mara (Batman) Matt Ryan (Constantine) Writer Producer James Tucker and Director Jay Oliva

Then From Batman Return Of The Caped Crusaders Adam West, Director Rick Morales, and Writer-Producer James Tucker.

Beyond the film details each guest gets into great comic book and DC cannon discussions. Adam West also gets candid on his views about playing Batman, scripted tv today and other great subjects.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Marty Pasko Live From Cincy Comic-Con

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Here's 60 minutes of Marty Pasko, hanging out talking Comics Tv Film and more last month at this Year's Cincy Comic-Con 

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Jeff Lemire Talks A.D.,Black Hammer, Secret Path, Marvel, Valiant, Royal City and More

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Great sit down with the prolific Jeff Lemire. We go into detail about Black Hammer his Dark Horse series about a golden age super hero team that has "retired" to a bizarre civilian life.

His new collaboration with Scott Snyder A.D.

Plus Valiant and Marvel talk, a sneak look at Jeff's upcoming Royal City, and a frank discussion about Jeff's work with Gord Downie leader of the band The Tragically Hip on a new graphic novel SECRET PATH.

Monday, October 03, 2016

The Return Of National Lampoon Comedy With Tony Hendra

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Comedy legend Tony Hendra joins us. You might remember Tony best as Ian Spinal Tap's Cricket bat welding manager , but he has a long history of comedy starting as the writing partner of Monty Python member Graham Chapman. Tony spent years working at national Lampoon as an Editor and writer for the magazine. he co-wrote Lemmings Their stage revue featuring Bill Murray John Belushi Chevy Chase and Gilda Radner, long before their Saturday Night Live TV careers. 

As a performer, Tony wrote produced and acted in many National Lampoon comedy sketches that debuted on the very popular National Lampoon Radio Hour and later on their Lampoon comedy albums beginning with Radio Diner. Tony played John Lennon in this classic bit Magical Misery Tour. 

Tony is here to promote the first new Lampoon Comedy Album in 35 years ARE THERE ANY TRIGGERS HERE TONIGHT? We talk about his new comedy group The Final Edition , the beginnings of satirical British comedy when Tony was at Cambridge University with The Pythons, Making The Spinal Tap Film, and so much more. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

International Podcast day Special-Comics Alternative Roundtable.

I was very happy to join this fun panel talking about Podcasting and where we stand in the comics world.

Derek Royal of Comics Alternative drove the discussion-

In celebration of International Podcast Day 2016, Derek participates in a roundtable discussion with fellow comics podcasters, including John Siuntres of Word Balloon, Chris Marshall ofCollected Comics Library, and John Mayo of Comic Books Page. The four of them talk extensively about their experiences in podcasting, the challenges of working with publishers and creators within the industry, their particular niche interests in comics podcasting, how their shows have evolved over the years, and their “wish lists” for growing as a podcast. Not only do the guys discuss the many facets of podcasting specifically about comics, they also share insights about podcasting as a social media platform.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Rick Remender Talks Seven To Eternity, Black Science Deadly Class Low and More

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Great conversation with Rick about his current and past works in the creator owned market, including a look at Seven To eternity, his new Image book with frequent collaborator Jerome Opena 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Bendis Tapes On Riri Jessica Miles Civil War Powers TV Scarlett and more

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Brian Bendis is back with a new conversation. We talk about the creation of Riri Williams, the return of Jessica Jones Comics with Mike Gaydos, Civil War Miles Morales Spider Man and lots more comic-wise...

But we also get into the questions of more diverse creative voices in comics and Bendis's meetings with The CIA.

We talk about his experience attending and winning a Peabody Award for his involvement with The Jessica Jones Netflix series.

Brian talks about Sony ending production of the Powers TV series and the development at Cinemax of a Scarlett TV series .

Plus lots of pop culture recommendations along the way.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Art & History Of Jock With Jock & Will Dennis

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Just in time for the Book Of Jock's debut on Tuesday Sept 20th, Here's a great conversation with Jock and his longtime collaborator Will Dennis who wrote the text for the new book. 

We talk about Jock's start at 2000AD, and runs at Vertigo DC & Marvel. You'll hear about his takes on The Losers, Green Arrow Batman, The Joker,  Wolverine, and more. Also, his poster work with Mondo, plus his film work on DREDD and EX-MACHINA 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Marvel Press Conference Spider-Man The Clone Conspiracy w Dan Slott and Nick Lowe

Download The MP3 here 

The press goes inside the latest Spider-Man event. One slight problem, there was another phone conference interfering with our call, so there a little background noise that couldn't be avoided. Still interesting info and perspective from Dan Slott and Nick Lowe

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lucifer Show Runner Joe Henderson previews season 2 Legion M Co-Founder Paul Scanlan

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First up Joe Henderson is back to fill us in on Lucifer's second season. The show is fast funny and filled with great characters and a fun mythology. Joe talks about adding Trisha Helfer to the cast mix as The Mother Of All Creation, and how shell complicate Lucifer Morningstar's quest to find himself. Lucifer returns Monday Sept 19th at 9 EST/PST on FOX. 

Then Legion M is a new geek media company that is offering co-ownership to its fandom. Co-founder Paul Scanlan explains the company's mission, including their first project-a vitual reality/documentary experience with geek Icon Stan Lee. 

Friday, September 09, 2016

Marvel Meets The Press With Mark Waid Charles Soule Jeff Lemire Axel Alonso Tom Brevoort and Nick Lowe

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Marvel had 2 interesting telephone press conferences this week.

First up, Wednesday's Death Of X chat with writers Jeff Lemire Charles Soule and editors Nick Lowe and Axel Alonso . Death Of X is the prelude to the coming X vs I event as the Inhumans and X-men go to war. It also explains the 8 month time jump from last year's Secret Wars event .

Then Mark Waid & Tom Brevoort tell the press about the new Champions book coming next month. These legacy heroes have formed a new team, for new reasons. Waid & Brevoort go in depth to explain the motivations of this new team.

Monday, September 05, 2016

Julie and Shawna Benson on Batgirl & The Birds Of Prey and TV's The 100

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Julie and Shawna are killing it on Batgirl and The Birds Of Prey and are making me want to binge The 100 !

We talk about their breaking into comics, go behind the scenes on The CW's The 100 whos 4th season premieres later this tv season.

Plus we all geek out on our favorite british sci-fi shows and old movie stars, Sounds like another fun conversation.